Terms and Conditions

  1. Players must be aged 16 or over to play.
  2. Players must provide accurate entry information including name, address, telephone no. and email address.
  3. It is the responsibility of the player to advise any change of their registered information.
  4. Your lucky numbers will be allocated by random selection. These numbers will remain for the duration of you membership.
  5. You will receive your numbers within 14 days of us receiving your completed enrolment form, on an official membership card, by post.
  6. These numbers will only become valid when we receive your payment.
  7. Any prizes won by you, will be sent to you by post within 7 days. Which is why it is important to keep your address up to date.
  8. The cost of each entry is £1 per chance, payable in advance by standing order cheque or cash.
  9. It is the players responsibility to cancel any standing orders with their own bank in the event of cancelling their entry.
  10. The draw takes place weekly on a Tuesday at the Lottery administration office or any other place arranged by the promoter and the results published on this website.
  11. The promoter holds the final decision on any disputes regarding the CashFax Lottery.
  12. The promoter reserves the right to change or amend these rules at any time.
  13. Any person wishing to exclude themselves from this lottery, should notify the administration office.
  14. Promoter R Oates, St Michaels Lane, Leeds, LS6 3BR, Tel: 01422 342792.Regulated by the Gambling Commission. Operating licence no: 000-005165-N-307207-002
  15. The Cashfax Lottery is administered and managed by the Headingley Development Society (Leeds Rhinos), under the above licence number. All Cashfax members subscriptions are paid into their lottery and they receive a percentage with the remainder paid back to us.

Privacy Policy

  1. Your details will not be passed on to any other organisation.
  2. We will not use your details for anything other than CashFax Lottery related projects.
  3. If you are a winner, we will publish your name and winning number but will not disclose your full address.
  4. If you do not want your name to be published if you are a winner, please ring to inform us on 01422 342 792.