How much does it Cost?

CashFax Lottery costs just £1 a week to enter.

How do I play?

Most payments are made by standing order or occasionally by cheque made payable to Halifax RLFC.

By paying by standing order, it means you will never miss a draw and also means we have fewer costs, which allow us to donate even more to the good causes.

We also have door to door collectors in many areas of Calderdale. If you would prefer to join this way, give us a ring on 01422 342792.

How do I know my numbers?

Once we have your details, we will issue you with your own personal lucky numbers which have been randomly selected by our lottery systems computer. Your official membership card will be sent to you by post.

Can I have more than one number?

Yes. If you want more than one number a week, that is fine, but only do this if you can afford to.

What if I win?

If you win a prize, we will automatically send it to you by post within 7 days. You don’t have to claim and all winning numbers are updated weekly in the results section of this website.

Can I cancel?

Yes. You can cancel your membership at anytime. There is no contract and no minimum subscription period. If you wish to cancel, all you have to do is tell your bank to stop your subscriptions to us and let us know by telephoning 01422 342792.